Work A Little, Live A Lot


During our twenties, we were hyper-focused on overworking the American dream for many reasons. To rise to any and all challenges, to prove to our parents, to prove ourselves, to buy unnecessary things, to work just to work. Since wisdom and reality set in, we’ve discovered work is meant to support life; not the other way around.

The focus now is decluttering and condensing work in less time a la the Dutch so the scale tips more towards freeing up time and brain space. But really, so we can dilly dally however much our little heart desires. Design-oriented shared work spaces are sprouting up in just about every metropolitan town. They provide convenient escapes from the sometimes lonely home office, cubicle, or unreliable coffee shop.

Our team spent a month at one co-working space, The Shop at the CAC, to plan long-term content. We picked up on a few tips for getting work done as quickly as possible, so we could get to the dilly dallying.


The goal for our stay was twofold: reflect on strengths and opportunities from the first year and map out fall and spring content. We mainly work from home and anywhere we could fit in this passion project, so it was exciting to dedicate almost three full, eight-hour days to brainstorming, refining, organizing, and planning.


We planned our work around the communal space which offers a buzzing environment of professionals from all walks of life. Fortunately, standard co-working spaces offer printers, desks, and Wifi, which allowed us to plop ourselves in the many working areas spread across two vast floors of the Contemporary Arts Center. When needed, we enjoyed using the phone booths and conference rooms for scheduled private calls and meetings.


It will take some time before we can afford an office of our own. If, like us, committing to a membership isn’t an option, consider spending one day a month at a shared space at the daily rate. You’ll get the benefits of getting energized from the activity and be immersed in a fresh productive environment. The finite working hours also encourages a team to remain focused and get as much done in one day as possible.


For those who are in a place to commit to a monthly membership, the shared kitchen (equipped with the best cold brew coffee and drinks) is a great place to network. The Shop at the CAC also produces a slew of events and hosts conferences that bring different industries together.