Setting the Record Straight


It wasn’t until I had my son that I discovered just how dynamic my mom is and was able to look pass our differences. She lived a full life — one of danger, loss, opportunities, and courage. It saddens me to think it took thirty years to become friends, but I now have the luxury of getting to know the woman she’s been all along, separate from being a mom and a wife.

Recently, I was asked to share tips on motherhood via Instagram stories. In my response I shared a reluctance to give parenting advice because it almost never makes anyone feel good. And, while I enjoy seeing families on my feed, will seldom share public footage because I want to thoroughly enjoy our time together and to maintain focus on my work here. Ultimately, I hope my IRL interactions with my son speak for my parenting style and that women in search of advice can take what they’d like from observations. Alas, my unfiltered response ignited sighs of relief but also made some uncomfortable.

I suppose that’s what compelled me to create this space — to shed light on the why not’s, the how come’s, the no thanks at the risk of criticism. Many posts (like this or this) aren’t meant to echo popular opinion, instead to encourage what feels natural and offer different approaches. The questions we ask for the Femme Next Door series are ones few bother to ask, and sadly, even more rare to mothers. Do you know all of the ideas, ramblings, and wisdom women facilitate in our complex heads? What a tragedy not having airtime to share and someone to laugh about it all with.

Content here and my personal opinions may make you uncomfortable but I aim to follow our manifesto, which helps navigate societal norms. In no way does the discomfort exclude you from being a part of this village. I hope we can create space for like-minded women regardless of if she is a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a twenty-something, a libertarian, or is in her sixties. Underneath all of those labels is a survivor evolving beautifully in her own skin. That’s the woman I think we can all learn something from and celebrate!

As always, thank you for your consideration!