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Designer Glory

Remember the good ol’ days of searching for coveted designer items on Ebay? It was borderline addictive but the number of fake Guccis and random whatchamacallits and not to mention the uninspiring design made the platform quickly lose its luster. The adrenaline of traveling miles to sort through a fashionista’s closet at an estate sale to uncover vintage Chanel has been channeled into one of our best kept secrets - The Real Real.


How I Built This

Some people binge Netflix, others binge podcasts. This entire week has been an education listening, mostly on the edge of our seats, to candid stories from the most successful entrepreneurs. With top notch production and a host, Guy Raz, who seamlessly moves from one intuitive question to another (often the very question we were just wondering), it’s almost disappointing how quickly each hour unfolds if not for how satisfying it is devouring each podcast.


Haystack Stories

Founded by two friends, Jenna & Jayna, with serious writing and editorial chops (the two met at Lucky Magazine and now work together at Shopbop), Haystack Stories is a love letter to our teenage crushes and angst. It’s the ultimate weekly, or whenever they post, source for the warm fuzzy feel good nostalgia that only those who grew up not wanting to let the 90s go could possibly understand.



For those who don’t really enjoy shopping for babies and kids or find the task stressful, this supremely adorable online destination makes the process easier and trés chic. Maisonette aggregates products from boutiques around the world into an easy-to-use and beautifully designed website.