30 of Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

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It’s been too long since a feel good romantic comedy tickled us pink and became instant classics. When Cameron Diaz shared an Instagram post with the iconic ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ cast mates for the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the internet completely broke. We asked for your favorite laugh-out-loud, nostalgia-inducing rom coms, and then you completely broke our IG records. Here’s hoping the Hollywood Gods bless us with a sequel to our favorites. Without further ado, 30 of your favorite romantic comedies. Bookmark and save for the next girl’s night in or cuddle up with your person for Valentine’s Day!

  1. When Harry Met Sally

  2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

  3. You’ve Got Mail

  4. The Sweetest Thing

  5. Bridget Jones Diary

  6. Pretty Woman

  7. 10 Things I Hate About You

  8. Sabrina

  9. While You Were Sleeping

  10. Sleepless in Seattle

  11. The Cutting Edge

  12. Say Anything

  13. Clueless

  14. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  15. Roman Holiday

  16. Amelie

  17. 16 Candles

  18. It’s Complicated

  19. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  20. When Harry Met Sally

  21. She’s All That

  22. Hitch

  23. Just Friends

  24. Never Been Kissed

  25. There’s Something About Mary

  26. Serendipity

  27. Definitely, Maybe

  28. Pretty in Pink

  29. Can’t Hardly Wait

  30. Crazy Stupid Love