What is trÈs américain about?

Très Américain is a lifestyle publication about approaching the good life with ease through original features, think pieces, style editorials, and unique storytelling. Being Très Américain is celebrating the good life with finesse, all without leaving your backyard. 

how do i receive post notifications?

We don't want to inundate readers with post notifications (that can get annoying!) but intend to post Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays. However, we'll announce new features and posts occasionally on Instagram.

How can i share my feedback?

We'd appreciate your thoughts in the comments section or a quick 'like' so we know what's working and where to grow.


Can we work together?

We strategically partner with home, style, and culture brands that best represents this distinct style and have been tested for its long-term capabilities. In short, we want our readers to grow old with any brands we promote. For more information on partnerships, please email: tresamericain@gmail.com.

can i submit a story or my work?

Absolutely! We're excited to hear your thoughts and see your work as it relates to the site. Please take a minute to read through our stories to get an idea of what we're looking for but don't be afraid to push the envelope. Then, submit your ideas here.  

additional questions?

Didn't find the right answer to your questions? Feel free to email us directly at tresamericain@gmail.com